Homemark22 is derived from my name mark john and home for my obviuos reason that I am homie type of guy, 22 is from my personality to be 22 short for "totoo" meaning is True and later addition to my angel in heaven marrkeane

my website focus on alternative-rock-pop mix genre of music, added with music industry information. latest news around the country and internationally; and my favourite one is the previous history in music

my obsession in music magazine trigger me to make this website when I was in grade school before , and now I have bit knowledge in making basic html and making it look like to be work as magazine

my music stream broadcast comes with only 128 bit stream, meaning to say it accumulated  little bit of your bandwith allocation after loading and playing it.

open 12-16 hours a day from 10am-1am , supported by people of ayugan zone-1 who rent a computer for internet and lol game

remembrance of my high school days when I was and my band mates awarded "performance arts"

my only award trough out my whole high school in St. Louise life.


Sister in shool who gave me that medal resist to hand shake on me because it is not major award :)